Strengthen the Community

Bridges Community Living recognizes it’s everyone’s responsibility to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. We encourage all residents and their families, as well as, community members and staff to become involved, lending their voluntary support to programs that enrich the quality of life and opportunities for all citizens.

Volunteering brings with it many ideas and images. Many volunteers have reported a feeling of great pride and satisfaction knowing that they made someones’ day a little easier, or a little brighter. At Bridges Community Living, we offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

From students to senior citizens, volunteers help organize outings and activities, or just spend an afternoon hanging out with our residents. Whether you have a passion that you’d like to bring to Bridges Community Living or a skill that can be used to benefit the lives of our seniors, there is a volunteer opportunity waiting for you at Bridges Community Living. Contact us today to start the process.

Why I Love Working Here

I work the night shifts in the kitchen at Parkvale Lodge. I am the baker and I prepare breakfast. I love the residents because everyone is so happy here. A couple weeks ago I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. When I came back I was greeted with hugs and smiles. It’s nice to feel appreciation for my work. I surprised them with my special cinnamon buns as a thank you. For my 80th birthday I will fly to Toronto to see the BlueJay game. 


Parkvale Lodge