Housing is so important to all of us.

There is a shortage of affordable and appropriate housing for seniors. We want to rally the community to join us to build more housing; to support our seniors and to make Red Deer’s solution to the seniors housing crisis something that is copied across our province and country.

Please donate your time, energy, money and enthusiasm to Bridges Community Living.

4 Ways to Help


By volunteering, you can make our seniors smile with your companionship while learning invaluable life experiences and lessons from each other.

Sponsor a Senior

When you sponsor a senior, you are able to help them live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle each day. We need your help to ensure each of our seniors are living the best life they can.



BCL’s mission is to provide each senior a place they can call home. With the growing population of seniors, we value your partnerships in making our seniors day-to-day lives amazing.

Start Your own Fundraising Campaign

It may seem overwhelming to start a campaign. We are here to help you create your own in a few steps. Start now, and get everyone involved!

Why I Joined the Board

I believe seniors to be a value to society and when I look at ways we can honour and support them, safe affordable housing represents the minimum we should strive for as a community.  When a position became vacant, I was honored to have the opportunity to serve.


Board Director