Pines Lodge in Red Deer is set on a beautiful lot with tall Pine trees and a well-manicured lawn. Only blocks away from medical offices, malls and grocery stores; this lodge is home to over 80 residents.  

This main level building contains 84 individual rooms (2 are wheelchair accessible) and 1 couple’s suite. It is equipped with a large recreation area, library, hair salon, laundry facilities and a large courtyard.

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Residents and families are proud to call the lodge home as it offers a wide variety of activities to engage residents in their community, so residents never feel isolated, and always feel like they count.

Lydia Whyte

Lydia Whyte

Pines Lodge Manager

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Why I Love Living Here

I moved into Pines Lodge July 7, 2016. My main reason for the move was that I was no longer able to do my own cooking. I love living in Pines, there is always something to do every day so sometimes I just stay in my room & relax for a spell. Our staff is a blessing to us. We just walk into the dining room & find the salad bar ready to choose from. For dinners, it’s our choice between 2 types of meat but we always have cheese/meat with the salad bar. These meals are always served cheerfully. My pet name for our Manager is the Zookeeper as I am sure she often feels like she is managing a group of monkeys. She too always remains cheerful! As for the residents concerned, I consider all of them good friends and they have become my family.