Parkvale Lodge is set in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Red Deer. Built on the old Red Deer Fair Grounds, this two-story lodge is across the street from Waskasoo Park, allowing residents wonderful walking opportunities along Waskasoo Creek.

The building has 3 wheelchair-accessible rooms and 4 couples’ suites. It is equipped with an elevator, large lounge recreation area, library, hair salon, laundry facilities and a large courtyard.

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Residents and their families are proud to call it home.

Angela Craggs

Parkvale Lodge Manager

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Why We Love Living Here

We have been married for 39 years. This is a collage of our life together. When we sold our condo we traveled all through Canada, having so much fun. We look at the pictures more now than we did when we had them in the album We moved from Creekside to Parkvale Lodge in 2017. Our favorite thing to do here is to draw.

John & Dorene

Parkvale Lodge