I’m June, a senior resident and your go-to gal for all the happenings at Bridges Community Living (BCL). I am living in the vibrant Parkvale Lodge and there is never a dull moment in here.

It was daunting to move from my home, but BCL has made the transition a walk in the park for me. The caring staff understands and prioritizes my personal needs. They value connection and one-on-one relationships. Plus, our kitchen makes to die for cinnamon buns! From exciting events, to relaxing with fellow residents, I enjoy each day here surrounded with wonderful people.

Geoff has hired me to be your one-stop guide for general questions from housing options, buildings and upcoming events. I am also in charge of our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions about BCL, I am here to answer them. I’d love to chat with you.